Fundraising In Youth Work For Inclusion And Acceptance Of Diversity In Europe

This project was funded by European Commission through programme Erasmus+ (

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All our organisations base their work for inclusion and acceptance of diversity on projects and related project based funding. In most cases those projects cannot cover regular costs of organisational staff, facilities and utilities; and all the potential team building activities for / with our volunteers and staff. Also, if we do not get funding for specific project related to the real needs in our community, we do not have resources to organise activities in that direction.

Nowadays, there is a huge competition between civil society organisations for funding on tenders organised and quite often it happens that even if the project is well developed and written and there are real urgent needs for such project in community, still projects do not get funding as there are just not enough financial resources available. With this project, we will try to respond to these needs of our partner organisations (and other interested civil society organisations) through capacity building of theirs by exploring other sources of funding and empowering and encouraging our youth workers for taking actions and enriching their sources of funding for their work with marginalised groups and better impact on inclusion and acceptance of diversity in society.

There are two core activities in the project:

1. Mobility activity – Training course

2. Capacity building activity – publication.
It will give constructive and practical advices and recommendation on what youth organisations and their youth workers need to do when it comes to different fundraising efforts.

There are also more preparation, evaluation and dissemination activities.

Objectives of the project are:

• Motivate and empower youth workers for active promotion of combating social exclusion in their activities
• Empower youth workers in fundraising and grant application writing for working with marginalised groups
• Allow for exchange of practices among youth workers from different countries/communities on various aspects and perceptions of marginalisation and inclusion, different insights and perceptions about youth work with marginalised groups and values in those work
• Empower youth workers in understanding and using Erasmus+ and other EU Programmes for their youth work for inclusion
• Build capacity and increase knowledge management of youth organisations quality, consistent and effective fundraising from various sources of funding available and through different offline and online tools
• Develop more projects and activities for inclusion, on local level and within the Erasmus+ and other EU programmes

With this project, we contribute to developing the quality of capabilities of partner organisations in youth field in general, and to the development of youth workers – multipliers in specific.